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Variety rocks here at Venusrox to offer customers access to the Word’s most glorious crystals…Included in this image is a Peach Moonstone sphere, Amazonite palm stones, Chrysocolla & Malachite, Rose Quartz, Green Apatite, a tiny Cavansite Cabochon, Rhodochrosite, Angel Aura Quartz Points, peachy Indian Stilbite, a Honey Calcite tumble, a tiny polished pink Kunzite, an Amethyst sphere and banded Amethyst stones, a rare Strawberry Quartz stone, Lavender Agate and a Holly Agate polished stone. All ranging from £5.00 - £40.00. Visit us in Notting Hill for a colourful and magical experience amongst a collection filled with rare, precious and natural stones & jewellery. 
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Layer by layer I removed all that I thought I was, all that I thought I had to be and in the moment I was left standing naked and vulnerable without identities and labels, I remembered I AM ALL THAT I AM. I am LOVE. I am the universe. I am the stars. Love is ALL. Love is YOU💖
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Miracles by Ornamelle on Flickr.
untitled by Secret Holiday & Co. on Flickr.
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untitled by Alexander Duvall on Flickr.
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Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2006
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Opaque  by  andbamnan